Spring Detox Importance and Methods
by Dr. Xiao

In the winter, our body systems are still and "closed" everywhere.
In springtime the body systems "open".
As winter ends and turns to spring, springtime is when the body most needs
detoxifying from toxins and waste accumulation in the body. Springtime detox
is important for liver functioning.

If the body system is not spring detoxed, the internal problems stay in wait
to possibly reappear in summertime and cause bad illness.

Different methods of treatment are provided after individual analysis.
Three detox options to create a good healthy body

1. Chinese herbs bring inside problems to outside through heat therapy. Using a hot herbal
fumigation therapy, the body sweats out toxins.

2. Fire treatment helps physical problems: fend off the cold, dissolve fatigue,
ease lower back soreness, shoulder vertebral inflammation, spondylitis, dizziness,
insomnia, impotence, kidney, stomach.

3. Tuina massage detoxification: Clinical studies show that tuina is beneficial
to meridian energy flow improvement. Tuina can regulate nerve function, relieve tension
and fatigue, improves blood circulation, promotes digestion and nutrient absorption
improves metabolism, muscle communication, strengthens disease resistance.

Some people carry cold, dampness and wind internally and may need a combination
of detox therapies. Some people benefit from one method only, perhaps just tuina
or Chinese herbs.

Springtime detox will make the new year better, healthy, very easy, relaxed.

Dr. Xiao is currently providing each patient with two complimentary servings
of traditional Longevity Health Tea. Ingredients include a unique combination
of fourteen Chinese herbs to aid in detoxification of the liver and kidneys.

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